Zachary Moses Bio (Governor)

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Zachary Moses –

He’s a serial entrepreneur and a perpetual student of the world. He’s endlessly dismantling devices, simply to learn how the tech works. Technology is his obsession. If an automated solution to a problem is to be had, Zachary will find it. As a compulsive systems engineer, there is no challenge too daunting for him to tackle. Finding solutions to anything broken, is quite possibly Zach’s favorite hobby, and he’s got the track record to prove it.

Raised in Utah, Zachary dreamed of seeing the world, and experiencing all the different cultures. He began his career as a touring stand up comedian, and eventually won membership to the Screen Actors Guild, once landing a PlayStation 2 commercial. After joining SAG, he moved to Los Angeles to work in the television and film industry. These experiences give him a unique perspective into this lucrative Utah film industry, and how it can be encouraged to grow, and improve within our state.

He moved back home to Utah from California in 2006, after getting married. Shortly after returning home, he and his then wife Sara purchased a house on Salt Lake City’s West Side. Their son Archimedes was born in 2007, in their dining room. Zachary insists he’ll never sell the house, as his son has too much history in it, having been born on the property. While Archimedes was young, Zachary was the stay at home parent, while simultaneously running a handyman company called “Zach of all Trades.” Today Zachary is married to his current wife Trisha Moses, and they share custody of Archimedes 50/50 with Sara.

Today, Zachary is considered among the top minds in the travel industry. He’s the CEO of as well as; the world’s largest LGBTQ+ “small-group” tour operator. He also served for two years on the Board of Directors for the National Tour Association.

In 2015 Zachary founded Perch Innovations, investing in virtual reality, tourism, and making Earth restoration profitable. In July of 2017, his companies started planting trees and employing workers from home, to offset the carbon produced from their customer’s flights.

Zachary’s all-encompassing and holistic plan to restore the Great Salt Lake and other saline-lakes of the Great Basin, while producing green energy, increasing snowfall, and cleaning up our air is revolutionary. It has been selected for a TEDx Talk August 22nd, 2020 at the Peery Egyptian Theater in Ogden.