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I know that humanity is capable of solving the climate crisis. world hunger. past mistakes.

I'm an optimist. I believe there is a solution to everything. Oh, and I talk a be prepared. A little about me... I am a compulsive entrepreneur and a perpetual student. I endlessly dismantle devices, simply to learn how everything works. Technology is my obsession. Raised landlocked in Utah, I dreamed of seeing the world and began my career as a touring standup comic, while also running a landscaping firm with my brother Jason in San Francisco. I eventually won entrance to the Screen Actors Guild by landing a PlayStation 2 commercial. Woot! Today, I am considered among the top minds in the travel industry. Rad. I am also the CEO of as well as; the world’s largest LGBTQ+ “small-group” tour operator. I served for two years on the Board of Directors for the National Tour Association. In 2015 I founded Perch Innovations with my buddy Darrell and we invest in virtual reality, tourism, and making Earth restoration profitable. In July of 2017, our companies started planting trees and employing workers from home to offset the carbon produced from customer’s flights. Very convenient change considering COVID-19 sending everyone home.
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