Goals and Policies: What Will Zachary Moses Do? (WWZMD?)

Utah State Governor 2020 Political Candidate Zachary Moses standing in mountains with shirt unbuttoned.
Zachary Moses does not wear a tie, and considers them a symbol of oppression.

I will not tolerate political foot-dragging.

By the year 2020, humanity will have made it through two decades of the 21st century. Technology has appeared everywhere, in all aspects of our lives. The infrastructure that supports Utah’s society has barely progressed. As a result, it still relies heavily on out-dated technologies.

We have all the building blocks for an incredibly limitless future, as long as we use our resources wisely, and get our climate problems under control. It is imperative that we do this while we still have the proper resources to use. The time has come to elect a leader, that will catapult us into a more sustainable, green future.

*Covid-19 Update* Check out our new Contract With Capitalism!

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Make sure you’re registered to vote. Utah allows online applications, updates, etc. Their site is here.