Nathan Kizerian Bio (Lt. Governor)

Nathan Kizerian lt. governor candidate of utah stands in front of blue buiolding he has a bald head and beard and plaid shirt


Nathan Kizerian is a fighter.

-When his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and the only medication that could extend her life and mitigate her suffering was cannabis, Nathan did what it took to get her the medication she needed. He was key in the Proposition 2 medical cannabis battle by collecting signatures, coordinating political gatherings, and advocating for change.

Nathan is currently listed as a plaintiff on the Proposition 2 lawsuit represented by Rocky Anderson.

He is a father of 4 and grandfather of 3. Nathan is a patient advocate and a true representative of Utah’s working class. He has personally lived the same trials in life as so many of Utah’s workforce, and keeps fighting for a better world.

He is the founder of Utah Satire, a Facebook page famous for roasting Utah Politics and Culture. He is also the founder of one of the most popular COVID-19 support pages in Utah.

In 2019 Nathan used his vast social media presence to alert sleeping neighbors to the Bountiful Gun Range Fire, saving hundreds of homes by announcing to the neighborhood via Facebook Live about the crisis. He drove the streets honking his car horn to get sleeping neighbors out of their houses. The livestream reached over 200,000 viewers in a matter of minutes.

In January of 2020, Nathan again used his social media reach to help fasttrack the public referendum against tax reform.
Nathan is currently building a coalition to enact protections for Utah’s sex workers, and to combat human trafficking.


Here’s Nate’s live stream he made on his Utah Satire page after the first public appearance as Lt. Governor. Skip ahead if the standby screen is showing (it’s not actually live anymore).